Born and raised a Torontonian, Chris Stiliadis was immersed in the creative industry at a young age. His Father worked in film distribution & production which gave him an early start to understanding and appreciating the collaborative efforts behind film creation. 

Chris found his position as a music producer at Boombox after spending years exploring music production, composition & sound engineering within his own music development. Prior to Boombox Chris had already started implementing these skills into the ad world working alongside Nice and Juicy’s co-founders, helping tackle music and sound production. This ultimately landed him, his first commercials for companies such as Visa, RBC, CBC and Hilton.  

Not only producing for companies, Chris has been known to create his own music, recently releasing his album Negatives, creating notable traction online. Being an artist/vocalist provided an in depth understanding to vocal direction bridging the gap to his success as a voice actor in the ad industry.  Catching the eye of commercial producers, Chris has landed voice overs with Vector, Molson Canadian, CBC and RBC.

Brought on as a Music and Sound Producer he has handled jobs including Best Buy with Union, Canada Goose with Spy Films, Nike with Anomaly and Nice & Juicy’s SKII’s campaign featuring Behati Prinsloo to name a few.   In an era that is so focused on digital, Chris remains drawn to the organic qualities of music.  That being his primary influence, he enjoys working at BoomBox Sound feeling his style works well with the studio. Focusing on a blend between analog and digital which allows him to continue to create original tones, setting him apart from other composers and producers.