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Umber Hamid

Umber Hamid is CEO and Co-Founder of BoomBox Sound alongside Roger Leavens. 

Under Umber’s leadership, the company has secured the industry’s top clients including Proctor & Gamble, Toyota, Kellogg’s, Loblaws, Bayer, Bombardier Recreational Products and several others. 

BoomBox's campaign work Exec Produced by Umber have received some of the industry’s most prestigious awards for several years, including most recently, Cannes Lions (2017), The Marketing Awards (2016), and the London International Awards (2016), among others. 

In addition to her years of work growing BoomBox to its present day 
success, Umber is an enthusiastic mentor, constantly striving to pass her knowledge on to other women. She works to lift up young professionals while supporting and learning from them. 

Umber continues to keep BoomBox as a leader in the ever changing marketing landscape by combining high level production management and creative problem solving with compelling music and sound design scores for advertising, film and television, digital and experiential content.